Hitler’s Obsessed With his “Master Race – Aryan”

Hitler was obsessed with the idea of creating a blonde, blue-eyed master race that he believed was destined to rule the world. This Aryan race led to the creation of a sinister breeding program during World War II. Implemented by Hitler’s right hand man, Heinrich Himmler, who once said :

“Should we succeed in establishing this Nordic race, and from this seedbed produce a race of 200 million, then the world will belong to us.”

                                                                      ~ Heinrich Himmler


The lebensborn Program was very elitist – it required women to prove their Aryan lineage back to their grandparents. If admitted, the women were given housing, access to the best doctors and the Nazis even offered “honorary cards” which would allow them to cut ahead in shopping lines and receive various discounts on other services. Like a AAA card.

There were 14 Lebensborn clinics scattered throughout Germany and Austria, and nine in Norway, where German soldiers were encouraged to mate with women of “Viking” blood. Clinics also spread to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and Luxembourg.

About 20,000 babies were born in clinics in Germany and Norway. but due to the program’s secrecy, there are countless more. Most children born in these clinics were not told the circumstances of their births and their months hid the identities of their fathers. Some were even given up for adoption. But, aside from realizing Hitler’s dream of creating an Aryan race, the breeding program was actually incredibly pragmatic, designed to turn around a declining birth rate in Germany. With men away at war, there was a disproportionate number of unmarried women. So the program enable these women to get pregnant out of wedlock, without the usual social stigma.

After the war ended most documentation relation to the Lebensborn program was destroyed. And growing up many children born to the women in the program faced persecution and, thus, kept quiet about their Nazi heritage. Now more than 60 years old, many are finally starting to go public, piecing together what happened during the breeding program – seeking answers to their hidden past.

Source : Seeker Network


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