First Country To Be Erased By The Sea

History is filled with nations losing their territories in invading forces, and it’s often the case when the land is gone or conquered, the nation that occupied it disappears too. The  island country of the Maldives is in danger of losing their territory today, but not to any invading army. The Maldives could become the first state in history to be completely erases by the sea.

The Maldives Nation consists of around 1200 little islands at the intersection of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. It is also the planet’s lowest country; on average its land is only 5 feet above sea level. This puts the country at the highest risk of being partly or fully submerge by a rising ocean.

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If the water level keeps rising, 77% of the Maldives territory will be under water by the year 2100. If the rate of rise gets worse, the country could be completely submerged as early as 2085. Obviously, this is a major concern for the Maldives. Officials have been warning the international community about the issue since the 80s, but as with all the issues involving climate change, it’s hard to get people to listen, and harder still to get them act. So the Maldives made a bold symbolic statement in 2009 by holding  cabinet meeting of their government underwater.  In full scuba gear, Former President Mohamed Nasheed signed a document calling for a global reduction in carbon reduction and said;

If the Maldives cannot be saved today we do not feel that there is much of a chance for the rest of the world”

                                         ~ Former President Mohamed Nasheed


For the Maldives the rising sea level don’t threaten just the coastlines of the nation, but it’s very existence. When the territory is gone, the Maldives claim of statehood may vanish too. Officials even started building artificial islands for the population movement, but international maritime law doesn’t recognize artificial lands as official territory. Nor does it recognise those who flee lands because of climate change as climate refugees.

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The world has never seen anything like this before, so the its laws may have to be changed. There are a lot of hard deals ahead for the Maldives and the international community. If we can’t reverse the effect of climate change, than we may be on the verge of watching the first nation being swallowed by the sea.

Source : Seeker Network


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